16 April 2013

DIY: Embellished sunglasses

This DIY was on my list for quite some time, but since the sun came out only few days back, it's finally become useful. There are so many variations and options how to decorate your old, boring sunglasses, I used what I already had at home. Once nothing special, now transformed into something unique! They will be perfect for these sunny days ahead of us, what do you think?

 photo DIY-sunglasses2.jpg

Very easy. I had those red stars at home, but wasn't really feelin' the red, so I painted them silver. It took about 3-4 coats of spray paint to make the red completely disappear and few hours between each coat.

 photo DIY-sunglasses4.jpg

When they were completely dry, I just used the strongest glue I had and stick them on. Decided to do them all over the top part. Waited for glue to dry and that was pretty much it!

 photo DIY-sunglasses3.jpg
 photo DIY-sunglasses.jpg


  1. Ful dobra ideja! :)

  2. These look so amazing - perfect for festivals xo

  3. exactly my intention, thanks for the compliments :)

  4. Samo to pa je res dober DIY, pa še paše ti.! (:


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