18 April 2014

Wishlist: Black Heels

I must admit, even though I spent majority of my time in flat shoes, I do love occasional heel. Most of the time just admiring them on shelves, but there are moments when I actually put them on. And while I do enjoy looking at special, statement pairs that are almost a piece of art, more times than not, the classic black pumps will come to use, which I definitely lack. That's why I decided to invest in a pair of the timeless ones. Something not too high, but not too low, somewhat comfortable, classic, but with a little twist that represent me and my style. I made a little arrangement of the prettiest ones I found so far. Which one is your favorite?

 photo c750x825.jpg
Platform, Sparkly, Pointy with Buckles, Prisma, Bowknot, Block Heel, Golden, Glossy, Spikey

17 April 2014

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton S/S 20014

Can we all just take a moment and look at these gorgeous shots of the new Louis Vuitton S/S 2014 campaign with Michelle Williams. I mean, the bags are great and all, but look at her pout! Doesn't it like, make you wanna put some lipstick on right away? She looks fan-tastic!

 photo LV8.jpg
 photo LV5.jpg
 photo LV4.jpg
 photo LV2.jpg
 photo LV3.jpg
 photo LV7.jpg
 photo LV6.jpg
 photo LV1.jpg
Photos from: iconiq.cz

15 April 2014

Why Being Productive Isn't That Easy

You see... Even the best fail at things. Not that I'm considering myself one of the best per se, but it's good to know nobody's perfect. The thing is, I'm failing at my productivity plan. I got stuck about a week (who am I kidding, few weeks) back, with the spring fatigue going around and I've been feeling down ever since. I come home from work, fall down in front of computer and watch old TV shows over and over again. Not really productive, but truthfully I haven't had energy to do much anything else. (And I still don't, but I'm working on that) Here and there I try to do something out of the day, but most of the attempts infamously fails. Yup, my own plan failed. Now let's see how to rebuild it. Warning: It can get rough. Hopefully this will shake you and wake you up!

 photo productivity-no2a.png
  1. Don't expect things to just fall in place.
  2. I might watch too much TV and sadly, reality is different. There's no faith, no destiny. Things will happen and get done if YOU and only YOU will work your ass off for them. There's no other way around it. Fight for your productivity and your dreams!

  3. Doing productive things doesn't become a habit so easily as eating whole chocolate every day.
  4. We all know it's true. You have to consciously make a decision, do something, and then it comes the hardest part. You have to REMIND YOURSELF TO STICK TO to that decision, otherwise you'll fall back to the old habits too quickly to develop other, better ones.

  5. Cheat days are allowed.
  6. Just don't make them a regular.

  7. Pathetic excuses won't bring you anywhere.
  8. Tired, stomach too full to do anything, you'll do more tomorrow? Yeah, right. Don't lie to yourself, rather than justify doing nothing, admit that you're a big lazy ass, the guilt might even help you get off it.

  9. You might be totally happy right now, but you'll regret it in the future.
  10. It's totally understandable staring into the TV shows is making you completely content in that particular moment, but you might regret it later. Isn't it better to do something with and of yourself while you still can? You can have Sex And The City marathons every night when you're in the nursing home.

 photo productivity-no2-1.png

14 April 2014

Weekly inspiration

I'm constantly complaining about not being inspired and I feel quite bad about it, but just can't help it. Well, I'm trying to, with obsessive reblogging on Tumblr and putting up an inspirational wall, but you know, these things take time. Small steps for the world, big steps for me! If you're also having some similar problems with inspiration and motivation, stay tuned for tomorrow's post!

 photo inspo-14a.png
 photo inspo-14b.png
 photo inspo-14c.png
 photo inspo-14d.png
Photos from: Collage Vintage, Styleheroine, other blogs and tumblrs

9 April 2014

Day 2 Night: Boyfriend Jeans

Thing about the classics is, that you can wear them to almost all occasions. And having a (ripped) boyfriend jeans has pretty much became a must. They're stylish, comfy just great! As I'm appreciating a pair more and more, I'm showing you how would I wear them through out the whole day. My recipe: quite simple, change of shoes! Loafers for comfort of walking around the city and heels when partying out with friends. See, that's the thing about jeans... With right accessories, you can wear them day and night!

 photo c750x770.jpg

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